Cuz' baby I was born this gay

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everything personal♡

everything personal♡

"Ich frage mich was mit unserem Leben passiert ist. Wie wir von den glücklichen Menschen zu traurigen Menschen wurden."

- thatmonsterlovesartpop


When someone tells you that you just need to be positive…

When someone looks at you and you feel instantly judged..

When people ignore you because you’re “quiet”…

So this is me. A girl who is obsessed with how she looks. I am suffering from body dismorphia ( BDD ). What I see in the mirror is a monster. A disgusting monster. Every day is a battle with the mirror. all I can see is an ugly woman. 
Posting this picture is not easy for me. I do it because I want you to see how good I am at faking a smile. People always see me as the funny and happy one. I play a game all day. In fact I am panicking because I hate myself and my body and I know people can see me and at home I cry for hours because of my self hate. 
I post this because I always hide for people because of how I look and today I want to say no to my mind and post this. Even if I hate myself I don’t want my mind to play with me like this. I have to be hard for myself now.
Posting this is really hard for me. I guess I am doing it to hurt myself. So I will have anxiety attacks because people on the internet can see me and judge me. And then I will be more depressed.
Nobody probably cares about this post but I understand. I don’t want to bother you but I have to post this because I would normally never post a picture. It is black and white because that seems more safe.
Maybee people will think I am seeking for attention. No, I am not. This is just  me, a girl with a fucked up mind who don’t know which thoughts and reflections from the mirror are true anymore.
Can’t believe I post this.

i feel the same, but all i can say, you are so damn beautiful. look what society has done to us :(